• MAKROPEN is a professional product of professional software. The basis of program is prepared in such a way that dealers of all companies can define their own data base. Also if you experienced in software you are able to enter all additions and changes to the program by yourself.
  • With MAKROPEN software no any problem will occur concerning the nonrectangular constructions. Any construction you drew with pencil on paper you also can draw in this software product.
  • There are 1300 integrated constructions in the pattern service of MAKROPEN . You will gain your time not wasting it for drawing entrances. In the worst case you have an opportunity to do all changes you need.
  • There are all Ral coloures in the MAKROPEN system. Using this wide colour palette you can print drawing in the same quality as a photograph.
  • Using MAKROPEN you have an opportunity of editing all documentation and reports according to the necessary currency by only one key.
  • Documentation was drawn up in MAKROPEN can be transfered to Excel, where all necessary changes can be done.
  • There is a possibility of visual choice of profile type during the drawing process in MAKROPEN software.
  • Cost calculations of MAKROPEN product include all necessary details. Flexibility in correction opporunities will allow you to group estimated summaries due to given parameteres.
  • During the offer designing process MAKROPEN transfers all quotations in any currency and calculates them according to both Turkish or European standarts.
    MAKROPEN will allow calculation of all drawings and constractions in any parameters such as square meters, linear meters or kilogrammes.


MAKROPEN software will make your work easier, using it you can launch all construction details. The product gives you an opportunity of bended (arched) constructions designing accordingly the principles of oval and radius drawings. You will be able to make a detailed calculation of building's facade and draw any type of winter garden.
As you know, to draw all windows of villa, building or flat is not enough. Launching and calculation of all details become very important. It is necessary to use such opportunities as Roller Shutter design, production documentation and reports and, firstly, cost analysis. Due to a great amount of new roller shutter solvations in uPVC market an opportunity to work with all types of database and support them with reporting documentation have an important consequense.

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